Scanning Documents to PDF Files

The library scanner has the ability to scan documents to pdf files. 

To scan, follow the instructions below or stop up and see a Bibby library staff member.

  1. Place the article, face up, in the scanner’s document feeder
  2. From the Desktop, select the icon for “HP Director
  3. In the director window, select “scan document
  4. In the “where do you want to save the document to” menu, select “save to file
  5. Select the scan button on the bottom left of the window
  6. The document will automatically start feeding and scanning
  7. When scanning is complete it will ask you if you want to scan more.  Select “done”.
  8. A window will appear asking where you want to save.  From the drop-down menu, navigate to where you will save the document.
  9. From the file type drop down menu, select PDF.
  10. In the file name field, enter a name for your document
  11. The document will then be converted to a PDF and saved to your destination.

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