Some of you may be taking the upcoming NERB exam in Buffalo.  I wanted to let you know we have the following resources to assist you with your studies:

Date     Test Packet
1979    PART II-1
1980    PART II-B
1981    Part I B and C
1981    PART I-D
1981    PART II-C
1982    PART I-E
1982    PART II-D
1983    PART II-E
1983    PART I
1984    PART II
1985    PART I-F
1986    Part II-G
1986    PART I-G
1987    PART II-H
1987    PART II-H
1987    PART I-G
1989    I-H
1989    PART II-I
1991    I-I
1991    TEST PACK II-J
1993    II-K
1996    Section B
1997    I-J


Please see a staff member if you would like to borrow any of these materials.

For additional information see, Dental Boards/Licensure  on this page.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it NERB u r talking about or is it NBDE????



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