Geriatric Dentistry Resources

The following is a list of Geriatric Dentistry books available at Bibby Library:

  • Clinician’s guide to oral health in geriatric patients / Ship, J/ Mohammad, AR editors. WU 490 C6414 1999
  • Gerodontology / edited by Ian Barnes and Angus Walls. WU 490 G377 1994
  • Dental care for the elderly / editors, Bertram Cohen, Hamish Thomson.  WU 490 D4141 1986
  • Geriatric dentistry : a textbook of oral gerontology / Holm-Pedersen, P & Löe, H.  WU 490 G369 1986
  • Oral health and aging : an interdisciplinary approach to geriatric dentistry. Tryon, AF WU 490 O632 1996
  • Dental treatment of the elderly / Bates,  Adams and Stafford. WU 490 B329d 1984

The following journals pertaining to Geriatric Dentistry are available at Bibby Library:

  • Gerodontology:  1982-2007 in print at Bibby library
                                  1997-present available online.  Access onsite or offsite with library account.
  • Special Care in Dentistry:  1981-present available in print at Bibby library

The following are a list of websites pertaining to Geriatric Dentistry:

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