You Tube for Doctors

The Doctor’s Channel, internet TV for doctors, is a web site that allows doctors to learn from each other.  Founded by David Best, MD, MBA, and Michael Banks, MD, the site includes short streaming video clips from experts in specialties including dentistry, as well as features that help doctors stay on top of the latest news, ideas and information. The site allows users to comment on each of the videos.  In addition you are invited to create an account and upload videos of your own.

Videos in dentistry include topics such as neuromuscular dentistry, teaching, dental radiography, post dental treatment, muscles of mastication, cosmetic dentistry, ceramic restorations, root canal obturation, periodontal disease and TMD etiology.  A list of the current dental videos may be found here.  Watch some TV today!

The site also allows you to subscribe to an RSS feed to receive the latest additions to the collections.


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