Drug Addiction in Dentistry

The following is a list of articles pertaining to drug addiction and dentistry. 

Kenna GA, Lewis DC.

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Free in PMC Risk factors for alcohol and other drug use by healthcare professionals.
Subst Abuse Treat Prev Policy. 2008 Jan 29;3:3.
PMID: 18230139 [PubMed – in process]
Kenna GA, Wood MD.

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Free Full Text The prevalence of alcohol, cigarette and illicit drug use and problems among dentists.
J Am Dent Assoc. 2005 Jul;136(7):1023-32. Erratum in: J Am Dent Assoc. 2005 Sep;136(9):1224.
PMID: 16060477 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
Kenna GA, Wood MD.

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Abstract Alcohol use by healthcare professionals.
Drug Alcohol Depend. 2004 Jul 15;75(1):107-16.
PMID: 15225894 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
Lavine SR, Drumm JW, Keating LK.

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Free Full Text Safeguarding the health of dental professionals.
J Am Dent Assoc. 2004 Jan;135(1):84-9.
PMID: 14959879 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
Woods CD.

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Free Full Text Self-reported mental illness in a dental school clinic population.
J Dent Educ. 2003 May;67(5):500-4.
PMID: 12809183 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
Matano RA, Wanat SF, Westrup D, Koopman C, Whitsell SD.

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Abstract Prevalence of alcohol and drug use in a highly educated workforce.
J Behav Health Serv Res. 2002 Feb;29(1):30-44.
PMID: 11840903 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
Plasschaert AJ, Hoogstraten J, van Emmerik BJ, Webster DB, Clayton RR.

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Abstract Substance use among Dutch dental students.
Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. 2001 Feb;29(1):48-54.
PMID: 11153563 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]



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