2007 Journal Citation Reports Now Available

The latest edition edition of ISI’s Journal Citation Reports (JCR) is now available to URMC affiliates. 

JCR evaluates and compares journals using citation data drawn from over 9100 scholarly and technical journals, and published meeting proceedings from more than 3,300 publishers in over 60 countries.

To access the database, select the link for “Journal Citation Reports” on this page. To view the data for dentistry journals, choose the option to view by subject.


6 Responses to 2007 Journal Citation Reports Now Available

  1. R Saunders says:


    For what is ISI an abbreviation?
    Where can I find the criteria for ranking the journals?


  2. bibby1 says:

    To the best of my knowledge, ISI is the name for the product. It is produced by Thomson Scientific.

    For additional information see: http://scientific.thomsonreuters.com/support/products/jcr/#inbody


  3. Eliz says:

    ISI stands for Institute for Scientific Information which was an indexing organisation founded by Eugene Garfield in the sixties and aquired by Thomson Scientific in 1992.

    Elizabeth – Imperial College London

  4. Weallulktuh says:

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  5. Tammy says:

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