Found in library: students using Wikipedia

Born in 2001, Wikipedia, a web-based encyclopedia, has grown to contain over 2million articles and attracts nearly 700 million visitors per year.

Despite its heavy use, this tool has not been without controversy. This is largely due to the fact that anyone can contribute to Wikipedia and no specialized qualifications are necessary. Users may edit the content of an existing story, or write an entirely new piece. Thus, the accuracy of the information is often questioned.

Nonetheless, the creators of Wikipedia have established editing policies and standards.  Anyone can dispute the content of an article, and that disputed information is then subject to removal.

Although Wikipedia may be a great site to find background information or a summary on a specific topic, and its accessibility is appealing, we encourage you to use it carefully, always considering your source.  As always, feel free to contact us with any of your information needs.

Also See “4 Ways to Use Wikipedia” from Gearfire,  a student productivity and organization blog.


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