Prescription Drug Information

Health Science Libraries Subscribe to Micromedex

All URMC libraries have subscription access to Micromedex, a drug resource which contains information on some 9,000 drugs. Unlike the Physician’s Desk Reference, which is compiled by drug companies, Micromedex is written by independent reviewers. 

This resource includes drug summary information, evaluations, dosage, adverse effects, theraputic uses and comparison and identification tools.  Micromedex also provides educational materials that can easily be printed and given to the patient.

Recently, Micromedex introduced a module that helps pharmacists, physicians and nurses make accurate IV compatibility decisons at the point of care. 

For those URMC affiliates with PDA’s, Micromedix offers a download of Thomason Clinical Xpert.  This version of Micromedix covers approximately 4,000 drugs.

Access to Micromedix is available onsite, or offsite with your library account.  Micromedex may be found under Quick Links on the Bibby Library website.


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