Attention Pediatric Dental Professionals

Cochrane Collaboration Publishes Two Sytematic Reviews for Pediatric Dentistry

Two new systematic reviews pertaining to pediatric dentistry are available in the Cochrane Library.

The first, Dental fillings for the treatment of caries in the primary dentition, compared the outcomes  for restorative materials used to treat caries in the primary dentition in children.  There was insufficient evidence from the included trials to make any recommendations about which filling material to use.

The second review, Extraction of primary teeth for unerupted palatally displaced permanent canine teeth in children, evaluated the effect of extracting the primary maxillary canine on the eruption of the palatally ectopic maxillary permanent canine.  Reviewers concluded that there was  no evidence to support the extraction of the deciduous maxillary canine to facilitate the eruption of the palatally ectopic maxillary permanent canine.

Full text acess to both reviews is available for URMC affiliates.  Select Cochrane Library from the Bibby Library website.


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