American Dental Association Wants Your Questions

Do you have a clinical question that needs an answer? Have you come across a situation where a scientific analysis of the literature would complement your treatment decisions?

The ADA encourages you to submit these questions by completing the  form found on the new  Evidence Based Dentistry website.

You can also see a list of recently submitted questions and vote for clinical ideas that you think are important to dentistry.  While you are there don’t forget to look at the ADA’s extensive list of systematic reviews, arranged by topic.

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2 Responses to American Dental Association Wants Your Questions

  1. dale everson says:


    I have 3 lower teeth that keep changing from feeling strong and healthy to very painful and throbbing. At times, just touching them with my tongue or biting down on them is extremely painful.

    Xrays show that they have no decay and no infection. Two of them had root canal work many years ago. I’ve seen several dentists about this and got conflicting advice. One set said there’s nothing wrong with them and I should keep them and the other set said they should be taken out.

    Can you help me to understand what is causing this problem and what the best course of action is? What type of dentist or dental specialist should I see to take care of this properly. Thank you very much for any help you can give.

  2. bibby1 says:

    Hello, please call our patient line at 585-275-5051 and they can assist you. Best wishes.

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