Information Literacy and Your Medical Librarians

How fitting that President Barack Obama declared the month of October to be National Information Literacy Awareness Month.  Why?  Because October has long been delegated to celebrate National Medical Librarians Month!

Obama calls for all Americans to effectively navigate the vast amounts of information available, in its many formats.  He also points out the issue of authenticity and the need to effectively evaluate the information presented.

So how does one go about increasing their information literacy?  Why not ask your librarian?  Librarians are trained to:

  • identify appropriate resources
  • effectively navigate resources in all formats
  • apply search techniques that will provide relevant results
  • help you stay up-to-date in your field
  • save you time
  • inform and advise patrons of the latest information technologies
  • evaluate resources for validity, applicability and authenticity
  • provide information literacy training for our patrons
  • and much much more

So, please take the time to consider your information needs and feel free to contact us to work with you.

Finally, in celebration of National Medical Librarians Month, we’ll try to keep our candy supply well stocked!


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