Point of Care Resources for Oral Surgeons

In the most recent issue of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, editor Leon Assael discusses the surgeon’s willingness, or unwillingness to address research for guidance with patient care. Assael suggests that surgery is an art which needs to be melded with science.  His solution is the use of “POEMS” an acronym which stands for “Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters.”

POEMS are summaries of clinically relevant research studies and are accessible by searching Essential Evidence Plus, an evidence-based medical information system brought to University of Rochester affiliates by Miner library.

In addition to the use of POEMS  at the point of care, email delivery provides the surgeon with an easy and quick method of keeping up to date.  UR faculty, staff and students are invited to  sign up for e-mail delivery of the daily POEM.

For additional information on evidence based and point of care resources provided by your libraries, please contact us.

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