But how do I get the article?

The most common question we receive at Bibby library is how to get the full version of an article online.  If you use Google or another search engine to conduct research, you will likely find yourself at the publisher’s website where they will ask for your credit card before giving you the article.  Perhaps you begin your search in PubMed but reach a dead end once you find the article you want.

The following is a list of recommendations to make your quest easier:

  • Rather than starting in Google, go to the Bibby library website.  On the right side, find and select the link for PubMed. Why do we suggest this method?  The library has mechanisms in place that enable PubMed to link directly to the journals we have paid subscriptions to.  So, IF the library subscribes to the journal your article is in, you will be linked directly to the article.

Are you still unable to connect to the article?  Consider this:

  • Depending on the publisher, the linking might not always be direct.  For example, all dentistry journals published by Quintessence require an additional username and password. Contact us for more information.
  • If the article you are looking for was published pre-1990’s it has probably not been digitized.  If we own the journal, you can pull it from our shelves and photocopy the article.
  • Sometimes, rather than linking directly to the article, PubMed takes you to a result page in the library catalog. READ THIS PAGE VERY CAREFULLY.  It will tell you:
    1. We do not own the journal – in this case it will provide you a link to order the article via interlibrary loan or,
    2. Somewhere in the middle of the page you will see the journal title.  Select the underlined text to be directed to the article
  • Sometimes you will be linked to the journal but not the actual article.  In this case, you will need to go back to your citation in PubMed and determine the year, volume and page number of your article and then navigate to the article from the journal’s website.

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