Dental Hygienists Learn to be Masters of Information

In April, dental hygienists from the Eastman Institute for Oral Health attended the class, “Information Mastery for Dental Hygienists” lead by librarian Elizabeth Kettell. The course was held in a computer equipped classroom to allow hygienists hands-on practice in searching for dental information.

In the context of Evidence Based Dentistry, hygienists developed skill in critiquing sources and finding the most accurate, relevant and trustworthy information. They especially enjoyed the chocolate exercise, where they were required to categorize assigned readings as generic chocolate, Hershey’s chocolate or Godiva! The students were introduced to electronic resources from Bibby Library, practice guidelines, systematic reviews, and internet portals such as the National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus. In addition, they received instruction in searching the PubMed database, and obtaining the full text of relevant articles.

The course was well received and the students requested a second class to review and practice what they had learned. The second class is planned for June and will include more PubMed searching as well as methods for the hygienists to keep up-to-date in their profession. Given its success, Bibby Library plans to offer the course annually and open it up to dental assistants. If you are interested in individualized instruction in navigating the dental literature, please contact Elizabeth Kettell,, 585-275-3247.


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