October is National Medical Libraries Month

The Medical Library Association designates October as National Medical Librarians Month.

Aside from the occasional dish of candy, we don’t have much to give away; however, here is a sampling of the services and resources Bibby library can provide for you:

  1. Access to scholarly journal articles in dentistry, available in print and electronic formats
  2. Access to medical, pharmaceutical and bibliographic databases
  3. Access to a rich collection of books in dentistry, available in print and electronic format
  4. Instruction in using the latest technologies to retrieve, organize and synthesize information. This includes, but is not limited to Facebook, blogs, Twitter, iPhones, social bookmarking and more.
  5. Instruction in database search and retrieval, evidence based dentistry and library skills
  6. Access to, and instruction in using software to organize your references for storage and/or publication
  7. Comprehensive searches of the dental literature
  8. Suggestions and tools for keeping up-to-date
  9. Assistance in using Blackboard for course materials
  10. A look at the history of dentistry in Rochester
  11. A list of “librarian selected” internet resources in dentistry
  12. A place to study or collaborate with colleagues
  13. Computers, wireless access and a scanner

Is there anything else can we do for you?


2 Responses to October is National Medical Libraries Month

  1. As a Bibby living in the UK for the past 67 years I am using the internet to find out all about Bibbys.
    Could you please let me have some family histories to enable me to put together a big picute of the tribe Bibby.
    I look forward to maintaining this very interesting contact.
    Yours faithfully.
    Bernard Bibby
    F. Inst. S. C. E
    Alumni University Kent UK

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