Test Drive our New Pay-for-Printing System

On November 15, Bibby library will begin charging 10¢ per page for printing from the library computers.  Instructions for setting up your U of R ID card to release payment will follow.

In the meantime, the system  has been installed and is operating in training mode.  You will be able to practice releasing your print job with a card provided by the library.  Instructions are attached to each computer and also included below.

1.   Select print from the software program you are printing from.

2.   A window will open. Enter a name for the print job. You do not need to enter a password unless you would like to protect your document.

3.   Select  “Print

4.   Next, go to the black box next to the printer.

5. Using the ID card attached to the print station, swipe the card
Note: Effective November 15, patrons will use their own ID cards to pay for printing in the library

6.   Select the name of your print job.

7.   Select print.

If you have any questions regarding printing in the library, please contact Elizabeth Kettell at elizabeth_kettell@urmc.rochester.edu or 275-3247.


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