Use Goodreads to track, share and organize your reading

“Read any good books lately?”

Do you love a good book?  Then you should join Goodreads.  This website is a  social network, you might even say, the “Facebook”, for readers. Goodreads is free to use and accessible via the internet or mobile apps.

Here are some things you can do with Goodreads:

  • Keep track of the books you read
  • Maintain lists of books you want to read
  • Share what you are reading with your friends
  • Get ideas for books you want to read in the future
  • Write book reviews
  • Join groups based on your favorite genres
  • and much more!

To join Goodreads, simply create an account. You will then be given the option to search for friends or import your personal contacts.

To find a book enter the title, author, or ISBN in the search box, or check out what your friends are reading. Once you have found a book  add it to one of your three bookshelves: want to read, read, or currently reading.

If you are a smartphone or tablet user be sure to download the free Goodreads app, which allows you to add books, keep in touch with fellow readers, and find ideas.

After using Goodreads for a while you will be amazed at how your lists grow. Give it a try!

Happy Reading!


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