Use BrowZine to Read Dental Journals on your iPad

browzine-journal-browsing-app-logoBrowZine is a free app that lets you access, collect and read articles from journals subscribed to by UR libraries.

With BrowZine you can:

  • Add your favorite journals to your “Bookshelf”
  • Download articles to a saved area
  • Export articles to other apps on your iPad, such as GoodReader and Zotero

To start using BrowZine today:

  1. Download the free app
  2. Choose your library:  from the drop down list select University of Rochester
  3. Enter your UR email username and password, select Login

To add Dentistry titles:

  1. Find the subject menu
  2. Select Biomedical and Health Sciences
  3. Select Dentistry
  4. Select a journal
  5. Select Add to my Bookshelf
  6. Repeat until you have added all the titles you are interested in

Note:  the BrowZine subscription does not include all the dentistry titles subscribed to by Bibby Library.  If you are looking for a specific title not included in BrowZine, be sure to check the library catalog or contact us.

We hope you enjoy reading articles with BrowZine!


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