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March 25, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find all the systematic reviews pertaining to dentistry in one place?  You can!

The American Dental Association (ADA)  Evidence Based Dentistry website includes a database of systematic reviews in oral health. The reviews may be found by searching the site or using the ADA’s drill down topic menu.

Even better, the ADA provides  critical summaries of many of these  systematic reviews.  Critical summaries are brief, concise assessments of a review that are written by ADA Evidence Reviewers.  These reviewers are trained  in the critical appraisal of scientific literature.

Here is a list of the most recently published critical summaries:


September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day

September 16, 2009

Every year on September 21, Alzheimer’s Disease associations across the globe recognize World Alzheimer’s Day.  This year’s theme for World Alzheimer’s Day is ‘Diagnosing Dementia: See It Sooner’.

Across the globe scientists are aiming to establish a link between oral health and Alzheimers.  For example, the British Dental Health Foundation received a grant to study the links between memory and oral health.

Other studies have examined a possible connection between dental fillings and Alzheimers.

For additional information on the role of oral health in Alzheimer’s disease, Bibby library has compiled a list of articles , indexed in Pubmed, that pertain to dentistry’s role in diagnosing and caring for these patients.

Dental Amalgam and Health Issues

June 10, 2008

Update:  The FDA has set a deadline for its reclassification of dental amalgam.  See the ADA News Press Release. 

Ongoing concern over the use of mercury amalgam as a dental filling centers around possible long-term health effects which may be associated with constant mercury exposure.

In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called for a reclassification of dental amalgam and its components. A final ruling will be issued in July 2008 on the basis of empirical data and scientific evidence.

In a recent press release, the American Dental Association (ADA) stated that “dental amalgam remains a safe, affordable and durable cavity filling choice for dental patients“.

The following is a list of links to resources and research pertaining to this issue:

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