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March 25, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find all the systematic reviews pertaining to dentistry in one place?  You can!

The American Dental Association (ADA)  Evidence Based Dentistry website includes a database of systematic reviews in oral health. The reviews may be found by searching the site or using the ADA’s drill down topic menu.

Even better, the ADA provides  critical summaries of many of these  systematic reviews.  Critical summaries are brief, concise assessments of a review that are written by ADA Evidence Reviewers.  These reviewers are trained  in the critical appraisal of scientific literature.

Here is a list of the most recently published critical summaries:


New Systematic Review: Dental Prophylaxis in Patients with Arthroplasty

September 15, 2008

Do antibiotics before invasive dental procedures prevent infections in patients who have had arthroplasties of the hip or knee?

This was a question posed by researchers at the University of Geneva Hospital, in Geneva, Switzerland.

These authors systematically reviewed the PubMed database, for articles related to the development of infection following invasive dental procedures in patients who have had arthroplasties of the hip or knee. They hand-searched the bibliographies of relevant references and did not limit their search to clinical trials. They found 24 case reports, 3 small case series, and 34 review articles; 23 papers that prospectively assessed the rate of asymptomatic bacteremia; and no controlled studies.

The authors concluded that it is possible that prophylactic antibiotics prevent infections in patients with previous arthroplasty undergoing invasive dental procedures.  However, there was no reliable data on the subject.

Read the full text of the review here.

If you are offsite, you must log on with your URMC library account to view full text.

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