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March 31, 2015

After a long silence, the Bibby Library News & Tips Blog is active once again!

Today’s entry is a guest post from Neelam Jadeja, Dental Resident affiliated with the NYS Department of Oral Health and Bibby Library’s Student Employee.

She writes:

Dental caries, one of the most common oral diseases, has been classified by the dental profession with the older, more surgical classifications which do not include initial noncavitated lesions, such as white or brown spots.

As other therapeutic models have been developed and used to prevent, treat, and reverse caries, the American Dental Association (ADA) developed the Caries Classification System (CCS) to incorporate more interceptive nonsurgical efforts.

The new treatment planning module of the electronic dental record system, Axium, includes the ADA CCS to record caries diagnosis. Although it is intended to be an easy-to-implement system, the dental professionals find the new module to be very confusing, time consuming, repetitive, and so on.

Therefore, it is essential to understand the ADA CCS, because the activity level of the lesion over time is included with the other clinical characteristics such as lesion location, site of origin, and extent.

These variables are necessary to determine which clinical treatments and therapeutic interventions are appropriate to control and treat these lesions. Furthermore, this new classification provides essential features to assess caries risk, to trend progression or regression of caries, and to determine effectiveness of caries management strategies and preventive programs.

To learn more about the ADA CCS go to:

You can also read the article in JADA at Bibby Library.

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Neelam Jadeja

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We’ve Done the Googling for You!

July 3, 2008

The newest addition to the library website is a list of dental topics with links to resources for dental professionals and patients. 

These resources have been examined and carefuly selected by library staff.  Many of the subject lists include links to recent publications in Medline for that topic.  

If there are links you feel should be added, please contact us. 

Click here to check out our new page!


A link to the new page may also be found on the libary’s home page Quick Links menu.

Ethics in Dentistry: A List of Resources

March 13, 2008

Internet Resources

A list of recent publications indexed in PubMed


Ethical questions in dentistry/ Rule J,  Veatch, R. 2nd ed, 2004. Shelved in Bibby Library at:  WU 50 R935e 2004

Dental ethics at chairside : professional principles and practical applications / Ozar T and Sokol, D. 2nd ed, 2002. Sheved in Bibby library at WU 50 O99d 2002

Geriatric Dentistry Resources

February 14, 2008

The following is a list of Geriatric Dentistry books available at Bibby Library:

  • Clinician’s guide to oral health in geriatric patients / Ship, J/ Mohammad, AR editors. WU 490 C6414 1999
  • Gerodontology / edited by Ian Barnes and Angus Walls. WU 490 G377 1994
  • Dental care for the elderly / editors, Bertram Cohen, Hamish Thomson.  WU 490 D4141 1986
  • Geriatric dentistry : a textbook of oral gerontology / Holm-Pedersen, P & Löe, H.  WU 490 G369 1986
  • Oral health and aging : an interdisciplinary approach to geriatric dentistry. Tryon, AF WU 490 O632 1996
  • Dental treatment of the elderly / Bates,  Adams and Stafford. WU 490 B329d 1984

The following journals pertaining to Geriatric Dentistry are available at Bibby Library:

  • Gerodontology:  1982-2007 in print at Bibby library
                                  1997-present available online.  Access onsite or offsite with library account.
  • Special Care in Dentistry:  1981-present available in print at Bibby library

The following are a list of websites pertaining to Geriatric Dentistry:

Are there others?  Please comment below.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

February 6, 2008

Each February, the American Dental Association sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) to raise awareness about the importance of oral health.  The ADA has provided a NCDHM resource page that includes downloads for children and caregivers.

You may also wish to check out these resources:

Internet Resources for Parents and Children – prepared by Bibby library – links to information, games and more

MedlinePlus Child Dental Health topics.

Bibby Library patient resources.

National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center

Free Anti-Virus Software

January 25, 2008

A reminder that URMC/EDC students are eligible to receive Sophos antivirus software for their personal computers.  The download provided is intended for home computers and laptops that are used for work/educational purposes and should not be used on computers managed within the Medical Center. 

Download the software from Miner library’s website.

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