The other Eastman clinics.

July 18, 2013
Eastman Dental Clinic in London.

Eastman Dental Clinic in London.

Eastman Institute for Oral Health, earlier known as the Rochester Dental Dispensary, was the first dental clinic to be funded by Mr. George Eastman. However, Mr. Eastman was so pleased with the Dispensary’s work that he helped fund five other clinics in Europe in the cities of London, Rome, Brussels, Stockholm and Paris, to provide dental care for children. From 1929 to 1937, Dr. Burkhart, the Dispensary’s director, represented Mr. Eastman in official visits to establish the clinics and was present at each dedication. Many of these clinics, which were the first of their kind, are still active today.

Eastmaninstitutet, which was dedicated in 1936, is located in Vasastaden, Stockholm, Sweden. Like the Rochester dispensary, the Institutet had a dental hygiene school.

The London Institute, now University College London (UCL) Eastman Dental Institute, is now the largest postgraduate dental academic centre in Europe, and known for dental education, research, and clinical care. You can read more about The Eastman’s history in this 2007 British Dental Journal article

Here’s a 1923 announcement in San Jose News about the Rome clinic, courtesy of Google. Premier Benito Mussolini was present at the dedication in 1933. The Eastman Dental Hospital of Rome is currently the largest dental center in Italy.

The Brussels clinic stopped treating patients in the ’80’s, and is in the process of becoming a museum for European history.

Below are a few photographs of the Paris clinic. Want to know more? Visit our online exhibit on Eastman’s European Dental Clinics Print materials are preserved in EIOH’s Bibby Archives.

Children's waiting room, l'Institut George Eastman

Children’s waiting room, l’Institut George Eastman

Several children read while sitting in the children’s waiting room at l’Institut George Eastman in Paris, France. The large boxlike structure in the background is a birdcage, or “atrium.” Atriums were a prominent feature in all of the children’s waiting rooms at the Eastman dental clinics.

Exterior view of the Paris clinic.

Exterior view of the Paris clinic.


Congratulations to EIOH Class of 2013!

July 11, 2013

We’re so proud of you! It’s been a pleasure working with you, and we wish you the best of luck! Keep in touch.

Advanced Education in General Dentistry
One-year Program

Jason Adinata, DDS
Craig R. Blatt, DDS
Nadder Hassan, DDS
Ka On Lai, DDS
Amirali Mirenayat, DDS
Anna Schultz, DMD
Wendy Tran, DMD
Fanrui Zeng, DDS

Advanced Education in General Dentistry
International Two-year Program

Karen Almeida, DDS
Tatyana Baranovsky, DMD
Alberto Bordonaba, DDS, MS
Hugo Calero, DDS
Leandro Goncalez Carneiro, DDS, DSc
Alexis Ghanem, DDS
Cristiane Gétaz, DDS
Yang Kang, DDS
Yunior Molina, DDS
Mario F. Romero, DDS
Tongkai Xu, DDS
Edgardo Zuniga, DDS

Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

Aida Ameri, DDS
Benjamin J. Hardyk, DDS
Jeremiah E. Juson, DMD
Patra Ong, DDS
Rupali M. Shah, DDS
Leopoldo R. Vesco Leiva, DDA

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Meghan Barroner, DMD
Donovan Hansen, DDS

Pediatric Dentistry

Christopher L. Dixon, DDS
David J. Herce, DDS
Jacob Johnson, DDS
Daniel K. Seetin, DDS
Tuong Tran Ta, DDS
Stephanie Genevieve Vinh, DDS
Cynthia Laurel Wong, DMD


Konstantinos Chochlidakis, DDS
Hai Qing, DDS, MS, PhD
Evan Rosen, DMD, MPH

The Gerald N. Graser Surgical Implant Fellowship

Luis Boza, DDS


Chris Leja, DDS
Daniel Weitz, DDS

General Practice Residency
One-year program

Jonathan James Adler, DDS
Etienne Caron, DMD
Haemin Chin, DDS, MS
Derval Patrado Clarke, DDS
Lindsey Cody, DDS
Bhumija Gupta, BDS
Ajay Kashi, BDS, MS, PhD
Linda Rasubala, DDS, PhD
James Rogér, DDS, MS
Jae Hee Shim, DMD
Xiuli Sun, DMD, DSc, MS

Use BrowZine to Read Dental Journals on your iPad

April 4, 2013

browzine-journal-browsing-app-logoBrowZine is a free app that lets you access, collect and read articles from journals subscribed to by UR libraries.

With BrowZine you can:

  • Add your favorite journals to your “Bookshelf”
  • Download articles to a saved area
  • Export articles to other apps on your iPad, such as GoodReader and Zotero

To start using BrowZine today:

  1. Download the free app
  2. Choose your library:  from the drop down list select University of Rochester
  3. Enter your UR email username and password, select Login

To add Dentistry titles:

  1. Find the subject menu
  2. Select Biomedical and Health Sciences
  3. Select Dentistry
  4. Select a journal
  5. Select Add to my Bookshelf
  6. Repeat until you have added all the titles you are interested in

Note:  the BrowZine subscription does not include all the dentistry titles subscribed to by Bibby Library.  If you are looking for a specific title not included in BrowZine, be sure to check the library catalog or contact us.

We hope you enjoy reading articles with BrowZine!

How Does Diabetes Affect Oral Health?

November 2, 2009

The American Diabetes Association has designated November as American Diabetes Month. Diabetes can lead to complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and oral health problems.

In recognition of  American Diabetes Month, we suggest you update your knowledge of the connection between oral health and diabetes.  This  connection is covered in both the medical and dental literature.  The American Diabetes Association has also published an overview of oral health problems for diabetic patients.

In addition, Bibby library has created a list of internet resources including links to review articles and information for patients.

Update November 3, 2009: The American Academy of Periodontology has released a statement in support of the International Diabetes Foundation’s  guideline on oral health for people with diabetes.


September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day

September 16, 2009

Every year on September 21, Alzheimer’s Disease associations across the globe recognize World Alzheimer’s Day.  This year’s theme for World Alzheimer’s Day is ‘Diagnosing Dementia: See It Sooner’.

Across the globe scientists are aiming to establish a link between oral health and Alzheimers.  For example, the British Dental Health Foundation received a grant to study the links between memory and oral health.

Other studies have examined a possible connection between dental fillings and Alzheimers.

For additional information on the role of oral health in Alzheimer’s disease, Bibby library has compiled a list of articles , indexed in Pubmed, that pertain to dentistry’s role in diagnosing and caring for these patients.

Give them Something to SMILE about!

June 2, 2009

June is National Smile Month

Oral Health America, and participating sponsors, have designated June as National Smile Month. This initiative aims to reinforce the  importance of brushing, good nutrition and regular dental visits.

Oral Health America has provided a handbook with ideas and promotional activities;  they are also hosting a healthy smile contest.

For additional information, visit the Oral Health America site.

Attention Pediatric Dental Professionals

April 21, 2009

Cochrane Collaboration Publishes Two Sytematic Reviews for Pediatric Dentistry

Two new systematic reviews pertaining to pediatric dentistry are available in the Cochrane Library.

The first, Dental fillings for the treatment of caries in the primary dentition, compared the outcomes  for restorative materials used to treat caries in the primary dentition in children.  There was insufficient evidence from the included trials to make any recommendations about which filling material to use.

The second review, Extraction of primary teeth for unerupted palatally displaced permanent canine teeth in children, evaluated the effect of extracting the primary maxillary canine on the eruption of the palatally ectopic maxillary permanent canine.  Reviewers concluded that there was  no evidence to support the extraction of the deciduous maxillary canine to facilitate the eruption of the palatally ectopic maxillary permanent canine.

Full text acess to both reviews is available for URMC affiliates.  Select Cochrane Library from the Bibby Library website.

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