National Smile Month

May 15, 2008

National Smile Month, an oral health education campaign, will be held May 18 to June 17. 

For over thirty years the United Kingdom has celebrated National Smile Month.  This year, the United States, through a partnership between Oral Health America and the British Dental Health Foundation will also participate.  

The campaign promotes key oral health messages, and encourages participation at any level by dental practices, clinics, schools, medical practices, community centers, and others who would like to raise the profile of oral health.

Read about National Smile Month here.  


Health Disparities – Resources

March 28, 2008

The National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus contains a portal of resources dedicated to Health Disparities.  The portal includes basic information, latest news, specific conditions or population groups, directories, organizations and more.

Click here to see the Health Disparities page.

Oral Health in Children: Free Continuing Education

March 21, 2008

Public Health Live is a monthly satellite broadcast series designed to provide continuing education opportunities on public health issues.  The series is brought to you by SUNY Albany’s School of Public Health.

On April 17, 2008, the broadcast Oral Health in Children will be presented.  The program will focus on oral health problems in children and the impact. 

For more addition, and to register for the course, visit the course page.

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