New Books for April!

April 30, 2014

April brings spring showers, and we have a few new titles at Bibby. They’re all shelved in Bibby New Books.


Open-Bite Malocclusion: Treatment and Stability. 1st edition from Wiley Blackwell.

Manual of Temporomandibular Disorders. 3rd edition from Wiley Blackwell.

Bell’s Oral and Facial Pain. 7th edition

Pharmacology & Therapeutics for Dentistry. 6th edition.

Orofacial Pain: A clinician’s guide.




Read Summaries of Systematic Reviews

March 25, 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find all the systematic reviews pertaining to dentistry in one place?  You can!

The American Dental Association (ADA)  Evidence Based Dentistry website includes a database of systematic reviews in oral health. The reviews may be found by searching the site or using the ADA’s drill down topic menu.

Even better, the ADA provides  critical summaries of many of these  systematic reviews.  Critical summaries are brief, concise assessments of a review that are written by ADA Evidence Reviewers.  These reviewers are trained  in the critical appraisal of scientific literature.

Here is a list of the most recently published critical summaries:

Diabetes, TMJ and November

October 31, 2008

November is American Diabetes Month and TMJ Awarness Month.  Here are some resources related to these topics.

Diabetes and Dentistry:


TMJ Treatment – New Review

October 10, 2008

BMC Oral Health recently published results from a study aimed at identifying systematic reviews that compared  temporomandibular joint disorder surgical and non-surgical treatment.  The study, conducted by Bessa-Nogueira et. al, evaluated the quality and evidence grade of these reviews.

The authors conclude that little attention has been given to systematically implementing clinical trial methodology that would improve validity and reliability of outcome measures.

The complete article may be read here.

Citations for recent articles on TMJ and surgical treatment may be found in PubMed.

Other TMJ resources, including information for patients, may be found here.

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