Celebrate the Root Canal!

March 29, 2011


What was the dentist doing in Panama?
…Looking for the Root Canal 

Root Canal Awareness Week

The American Association of Endodontists has designated  March 27-April 2 as Root Canal Awareness Week. This event is a national effort to raise awareness of endodontists and to teach the public that root canals should not be feared.

Dental professionals might be interested in the latest research pertaining to root canals. For example:

* Should a tooth be saved through endodontic therapy, or replaced with a single tooth implant? Take a look at the most recent evidence on this topic.
* Read the latest evidence regarding root canal methods, instrumentation and filling materials.

Bibby Library owns the following books about root canal therapy:

* Cohen’s Pathways of the Pulp
* Clinical Guide to Dental Traumatology
* Endodontic Therapy
* Clinical Endodontics
* Ingles Endodontics

Finally, check out this list of selected websites that provide information about root canals for your patients.



Root Canals: Myths vs. Reality

March 26, 2009

Root Canal Awareness Week – March 29-April 4, 2009

Sponsored by the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), Root Canal Awareness Week aims to dispel myths about the procedure, reduce anxiety, and highlight the importance of endodontists.

Patients need to understand that root canals actually relieve tooth pain and are much more comfortable today thanks to new technology and specialized training.

AAE has created a planning guide for this event which includes suggested activities, printable posters and logos, patient handouts, and tips for working with the media.

Bibby library has provided a list of resources on Root Canals, including a link to the latest review articles as indexed in PubMed and resources for patients.

You may also wish to browse our collection of books on this topic.  Look for the call number WU 230 on the spine label.

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